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aeonium mardi gras

Aeonium Mardi Gras Care & Propagation

Aeonium Mardi Gras, is a spectacular cultivar with an incredible variegation. We have been growing Mardi Gras at our nursery for a couple of years now and based on our experience we will share everything we’ve learned about this succulent, including care tips and propagation. DescriptionAeonium Mardi Gras is a medium sized shrub with the […]

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Echeveria Blue Metal

When Can Succulents Get Sunburned?

Most succulents need the sun to grow well, but just how much sun can vary from one succulent species to another. Despite this need for sun, in some circumstances, succulents can suffer sunburn when exposed to the sun. Our nursery grows over 300 different species of succulents in sunny Australia, so we see year on year […]

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echeveria cubic frost top view

Echeveria Cubic Frost Care & Propagation

Echeveria Cubic Frost is a fantastic hybrid that is both beautiful and hardy. The colour of this succulent ranges from grey blue to purple and can change throughout the year. I have grown thousands of Echeveria Cubic Frost in my nursery and will share my care tips for this wonderful plant below. DescriptionEcheveria Cubic Frost is […]

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Succulent Flowers

To Cut Or Not To Cut Succulent Flowers

Succulents are mostly admired for their stunning, water swollen foliage and unusual shapes, but the flowers are quite beautiful as well. Succulent flowers come in many colours and shapes and mostly appear once per year, though there are species that flower more often. While succulent flowers grow for a purpose there are advantages and disadvantages […]

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Graptoveria Fred Ives

Graptoveria Fred Ives Care & Propagation

Graptoveria Fred Ives is a fantastic hybrid of vivid colour and exceptional hardiness. Although this succulent is quite tough there are a few tips and tricks to keeping it happy. Below I’ll go through everything there is to know about Graptoveria Fred Ives. All advice is based on growing tens of thousands of these plants […]

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Echeveria Romeo vs Rubin

Echeveria Romeo and Romeo ‘Rubin’ are closely related in the plant world but in many ways, they could not be more different. Rubin is a mutation of Romeo that not only differs in colour but also in its resilience. I grow both of these plants at our nursery and have over the years observed and […]

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Echeveria Ebony vs Lisptick

Echeveria Agavoides Ebony vs. Lipstick

Echeveria Ebony and Lipstick often get confused as their appearance can be quite similar, especially when both plants are fully coloured up. But there are subtle differences that help distinguish which is which. Ebony vs Lipstick- ColourWhile Ebony and Lispstick can look the same because of their pointy leaves and coloured margins once you look […]

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Crassula Ovata

Crassula Ovata Care & Propagation

Crassula Ovata must be the most widespread succulents out there. Commonly known as the jade plant, lucky plant, money plant or money tree this succulent is easily identified and also fantastic for any succulent beginner. While Crassula Ovata is an easy plant to grow there are a few things to know about this succulent. The information […]

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Sedum Rubrotinctum, Aurora, Pachyphyllum

Do Succulents Need Sunlight?

Most succulents need sunlight, so they are able to preform photosynthesis and grow well. How much sunlight will depend on the species of succulent and time of the year. Some succulents can even die due to lack of sunlight. The amount of sun succulents are exposed to will influence many things such as growth rate, thickness […]

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Aeonium Schwarzkopf

Aeonium Schwarzkopf Care & Propagation

Aeonium Schwarzkopf is a succulent plant from the family Crasaulaceae. Thanks to its amazing colour, it is popular in gardens around the world While Aeonium Schwarzkopf is a hardy succulent there are a few things to know about this plant in order to grow it successfully. The advice in this article is based on our many […]

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