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Echeveria Blue Bird Brown Spot

Brown Or Black Spots On Succulents- 5 Reasons Why

Although most succulents are hardy plants they are still prone to pests and diseases. Because of the large, water filled leaves and vibrant colours damage caused by various factors can become very noticeable. But what does cause brown or black marks/ spots on succulents? Unfortunately, there are many causes to brown/black spots on succulents. Pests such as […]

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Fenestraria Rhophalophylla

Fenestraria Rhophalophylla Baby Toes Cracking- All You Need To Know

Fenestraria Rhophalophylla ‘Baby Toes’ is currently the only species in the genus Fenestraria. This plant is native to Namibia but distributed all over the world as its popularity grows among succulents enthusiasts. There is possibly another species which has yellow flowers (Rhophalophylla has white) that is currently being reviewed to see whether it’s a new […]

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Cotyledon Tomentosa Bear's Paw

Can Cotyledon Tomentosa ‘Bears Paw’ Propagate From Leaf- All You Need To Know

Cotyledon Tomentosa is an evergreen succulent plant in the Cotyledon Genus. It is a very popular plant due to its chubby leaves and brown tips that resemble a Bear’s Paw. To find out if this plant can be propagated by leaf go to Propagation. DescriptionThe Bear’s Paw Cotyledon grows as a small sized shrub with the […]

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Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg

Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg Turning Green-All You Need To Know

Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Echeverias out there. The purple- pink colour and rosette leaf arrangement are incredibly attractive. But how do you maintain that purple and should you be concerned when the leaves start loosing it and turn green? This article can also be applied to Perle Von […]

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Succulent flowers

Succulents With Pink, Orange, Red, Purple or Yellow Flowers

Succulents are popular because of their chubby leaves and attractive looks, but did you know they also flower? The majority of these amazing plants send out multiple flowers at least once a year. The flowers range in colour from white to dark red to blue. The variety is stunning and a lot of species even […]

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succulent leaves

7 Reasons Why Succulent Leaves Fall Off

Succulent plants are very recognisable due to their water filled, fleshy leaves and stems but not all succulents are alike. They can be different in terms of their appearance, growth habit, watering requirements, light requirements, propagation techniques, care requirements etc. Some succulents can also drop leaves even at the slightest touch or when moved while others […]

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Succulent Flowers

Can Succulents Be Propagated By Flower Stalk

Every year succulents burst into flower creating an amazing show of colour. Some only flower once a year while others produce blooms randomly throughout the seasons. And some can take years before showcasing their blooms. The flowers themselves also vary in appearance and colour between genera and species. When pollinated, succulent flowers produce seeds and by […]

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Jelly Bean Succulents

Top 10 Fire Resistant & Drought Hardy Succulents

The climate is changing. Many countries are becoming warmer and drier. Fire prone areas are experiencing longer fire periods and the hot and dry conditions allow for fierce fires. Many things need to change so we can adapt and one of them is how we build our homes and what we plant around them. It is […]

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Outdoor Succulents

To Mulch Or Not To Mulch Succulents

Mulching succulents is a bit controversial among succulent enthusiasts. Some say mulch makes soil way too moist for succulents and therefore advise against mulching where succulents are grown. Others say light applications are fine as long as succulents are planted in a raised bed or on a slope. So should you mulch your succulents? In our opinion […]

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Ceropegia Woodii

Ceropegia Woodii ‘Chain of Hearts’ Leaf & Seed Propagation- A How To Guide

The variegated version of Ceropegia Woodii is THE most popular plant in our online shop and a healthy stockpile can sell out within days. It is one of a very few plants that we just can’t grow enough of. Because of its popularity, Ceropegia Woodii Variegata can fetch eye-watering price tags and so it is no […]

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