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Best Birthday, Christmas & Mothers Day Succulent Presents

The beauty of succulents as a present is that they are suitable for almost everyone. Succulents and cacti are cute, cheerful and, for the most part, easy to look after. They can beat a bunch of flowers as they can last for many years, if taken care of properly. There are, however, a few things to consider when gifting a succulent.

Although a succulent arrangement can be bought for any occasion, if the plants are live, ideally, you would like them to survive for as long as possible. More so if the gift is for someone special.

The term succulents covers many plants that can be quite different. Some like the sun, some like part shade and some full shade. So how do you get the right one for the right person? 

Succulent Gift for Indoors

Succulents are hardy if you know a few things about them. Most (not all) succulents will not survive for a long period without exposure to direct sunlight and will slowly deteriorate from beautiful colourful and compact plants to stretched, leggy and without colour.

If the person you’re buying/making the succulent gift for lives in an apartment, you might want to consider shade tolerant succulents such as Gasterias, Haworthias, Sanseverias or Cacti. These are quite easy to get and are not too expensive.

Assorted Haworthias

Assorted Haworthias

Assorted Cacti

Cacti are surprisingly hardy indoors, but will need a bright spot near a window

These haworthia, sanseveria & cacti packs are reasonably priced and a whole arrangement could be made out of one pack in a pot like this, this or this.

Or planted in cute individual pots such as these, owl pots, this trio or the mini pack

 A combination of a succulent pack and a pot pack would also be fantastic as office presents or Christmas presents for friends. Each gets a cute little pot plant. Mini succulent gifts like these that you’ve put the effort in making for someone will be greatly appreciated. To make the pots look extra pretty, small stones/pebbles can be used on top to hide the soil. We found these and think they would look fantastic.

Succulent Gift for Outdoors

Succulents in pots

Now here you’re spoiled for choice as there are loads of awesome succulent related products out there that can be gifted to someone who has a garden. Many of the most beautiful & colourful succulents will only grow outdoors where they get some sun and lots of fresh air.

Succulents that like to be outside come in many beautiful colours

One option is to give plants in plain plastic pots so the person can decide what they’re going to do with them. Here are a few ideas.

With these packs you can choose the amount of plants and they are quite cheap.

If the gift is for someone who really loves succulents, these premium rosettes look a treat

If you’d like to add a personal touch you can make an outdoor arrangement from gorgeous and colourful succulents. If the succulent arrangement can be placed in an area that receives at least 4 hours of direct sun you can safely use sun-loving, colourful succulents such as most echeverias, graptopetalums or crassulas. Here is a bit of inspiration- we have made these arrangements for our market stall. PICS

We also particularly love this, this, this and this pot.

Succulent Gifts For Succulent Lovers

Many of us have that friend who is ‘into’ succulents and has serious collection going on. Although it is hard to guess which plants they have or don’t have there are certain succulents that are always a collectors favourite, even if they already have one or two. In our opinion these plants will never disappoint a succulent lover.

Ceropegia Woodii Variegata

ceropegia woodii variegata

Variegated Chain of Hearts is quite a difficult and often expensive plant to buy due to its popularity and it is also slow to propagate.

Ceropegia Woodii Variegata is the most popular plant in our online store and is often bought as a present. We just cannot grow enough of it, such is the demand for this beautiful, trailing plant with heart shaped leaves on slender stalks or ‘strings’.

The best time to buy this plant is in the growing season (spring- summer) as Ceropegia Woodii is winter dormant and hard to propagate without a heated greenhouse.

If you can’t find it in garden centres, online stores may the way to go.

Echeveria ‘Compton Carousel’

This little gem of a plant is a great favourite among succulent enthusiasts. Like the chain of hearts above, it is expensive and hard to acquire, but is becoming slightly more mainstream now.

Compton Carousel is a truly stunning specimen that has a rosette leaf arrangement. The leaves are white with a pale green streak running through the centre.

Depending on where in the world you are, Comptons can sometimes be purchased from nurseries but online nurseries are your best bet.

Echeveria Romeo/ Romeo Rubin

Echeveria Romeo/Rubin are popular due to the their gorgeous colours. Romeo can range from faint to hot pink and Rubin is bright Red at its best.

These plants may be a bit easier and cheaper to buy and are mostly available in brick and mortar and online nurseries.

Haworthia Truncata

An intriguing and truly weird succulent. There are a few Truncata hybrids, each more wonderful than the other.

This fan-like plant is usually quite small and perfect for the balcony succulent hobbyist.

Nurseries, online stores and ebay/Amazon should stock a version of Haworthia Truncata.

Xerosicyos Danguyi ‘Silver Dollar Vine’

Xerosicyos Danguyi

This plant, if you can get it, would be a perfect gift for a plant enthusiast. Also dubbed ‘The String of Coins’ Xerosicyos Danguyi is believed to be lucky and bring wealth.

Again, not a cheap or easy plant to buy, but it can sometimes be snapped up online. Ebay or Amazon may be a go-to place for this one.

Euphorbia Flanaganii ‘Medusa’s Head’

This one is a a real ‘weirdo’ succulent with a central ‘head’ and ‘tentacles’ or ‘snakes’ growing out. As with any Euphorbia, the Medusa’s Head contains a milky sap that can irritate some people’s skin and should never get into the eyes.

Euphorbia Flanaganii might not be a great present for someone with young children or pets.


There are loads of accessories for succulent lovers out there, especially in online shops. With sites like Amazon or Ebay, you can also check the reviews and see what other people are saying.

We particularly love succulent and cactus t-shirt prints such as this one

Or this gorgeous dress

Amamzon, Ebay and other sites offer many other funky shirts/ caps and socks to choose from.

If your friend likes succulents and jewellery, there are countless options ranging in price. Our favourites are these cactus earrings.

Then there are cushions, dishes, tablecloths, backpacks, wallets, mouse pads and much more. All you need to do is type ‘succulent accessories for sale’ into your browser and you’ll be guaranteed to buy something for yourself as well 🙂 (I couldn’t help myself and bought the cactus dress and the wallet while researching 🙂

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