Mealybugs on Succulents & How To Treat Them

Mealybugs are every succulent grower’s nemesis and are pretty much inevitable when you grow succulents as mealybugs really love feeding on this group of plants. What makes mealies such a monumental pain in the backside is their ability to survive, hide from plain sight until the infestation becomes quite bad and spread quickly. In this […]

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Sedum Rubrotinctum Red Jelly Beans

Sedum Rubrotinctum ‘Jelly Beans’ Losing Leaves- All You Need To Know

Sedum Rubrotinctum aka Jelly Beans or Pork & Beans is a pretty ground cover succulent with thick cylindrical leaves that are mostly green but can turn red during the cooler months or when the plant is stressed. Although,  this succulent is very hardy problems can be encountered. One of the most common problems with Sedum […]

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Common Echeveria Black Prince Problems & How To Fix Them

The dark chocolate colour and chubby leaves arranged just like a flower make Echeveria Black Prince a very desirable succulent. While succulents have a reputation for being easy to look after, and this is usually true, some are a little more difficult and need just that bit of extra TLC to stay beautiful. Echeveria Black […]

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Why Is Graptoveria Opalina Growing Leggy And How To Fix It

The chunky, pastel-coloured leaves in a rosette arrangement make Graptoveria Opalina a popular plant. Not only is it beautiful but also quite easy to grow, if you can keep the mealybugs out and provide enough sun. Some, however, have an issue with this plant growing leggy / stretchy / tall, where the leaves are bigger and […]

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Top Fast Growing & Easy To Grow Echeveria

Echeveria is one of the most popular succulent genera due to the gorgeous rosette leaf arrangement. There is also a great variety- these beautiful plants in a range of colours, sizes, leave shapes and growing habits.In this article we are going to list our top fastest growing Echeverias that are also easy to grow Echeveria Prolifica Echeveria […]

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10 Best Rare Hanging Succulents

Hanging or trailing succulents are a superb way to beautify your home or garden. The uses and crafts have endless possibilities. The shade lovers can be used on top of furniture, hung from the ceiling, planted in tall pots, in trees, hung from railings, planted in window boxes, wreath etc. etc. There are dozens if not […]

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Echeveria Colorata Mexican Giant Care & Propagation- All You Need To Know

Echeveria Mexican Giant can only be described as a stunner. This large growing cultivar can indeed grow giant in comparison to most echeverias. As the name suggests, the Mexican Giant comes from Mexico though it is unclear if this plant is a man-made hybrid or if it’s endemic to Mexico. Let’s have a closer look […]

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How To Care For Sempervivums & Can They Be Grown Indoors

Sempervivum is a genus of some 40 species of perennial, evergreen plants that originate from a diverse range of environments. There are sempervivums native to Alps, the Carpathians but also the Sahara and other dry or stony places. Sempervivums are also nicknamed houseleeks which is a bit of a misleading name considering that they are not […]

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Assorted Cacti

Can Cactus Survive Rain

We already have an article about succulents and rain with tips on how to keep succulents happy outside while it rains as well as listing species that we know do not like a lot of rain at all. While Cacti are also succulents and much in the article applies directly to this intriguing group of […]

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Assorted Haworthias

Top Reasons For Haworthia Turning From Green To Brown

Haworthia is a genus of succulent plants native to the southern parts of Africa. Haworthias are usually small rosette forming plants with fleshy leaves that are hard in some species and softer, with transculent window like tops in others. There is a great variety of plants within this genus. Haworthias are mostly green in colour and […]

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