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Can Succulents Grow In Sand?

Sand is often being mentioned as an important ingredient in succulent potting mixes and it is indeed used in creating all kinds of growing media. But can you grow succulents in just sand? Sand, as a single ingredient, is not suitable to grow succulents. Sand is incredibly heavy and holds onto too much water once wet. […]

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How To Fertilize Succulents

Many choose to get succulents over other plants as they are known to be hardy and low maintenance. But for others succulents are more than just tough garden plants designed to be planted, look good and forgotten about. In recent years succulents have become a passion for scores of people who collect and take great […]

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Can Succulents Grow Outdoors?

There are tens of thousands of different succulent species out there and the number keeps growing as new plants are being created by growers. Thanks to globalization succulents endemic to one part of the world are being grown world wide and sometimes the conditions can be very different to their home environment- dessert succulents grown […]

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Outdoor succulents in pots

Can Water Kill Succulents?

Succulents have a reputation of being a little too sensitive to water and many people can get very conscious about watering succulents or leaving them in the rain. So will water kill succulents? Water can certainly kill some succulents, however, it is also essential to their survival. All succulents need to be watered, but just how […]

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Assorted Succulents

Can You Drown Mealybugs on Succulents?

There is one pest you will want to keep at bay if you’re growing succulents- mealybugs. Unfortunately this soft bodied insect is very common and it is pretty much inevitable that you will come across them on your succulents at some stage. It is very important that when they do make appearance, they are dealt […]

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Can Succulents Grow Indoors?

Succulents look absolutely fabulous in pots and can beautify any space.  But can succulents grow indoors?The answer is yes and no. The great majority of succulents grow best outside and need exposure to direct sun. Succulents that can grow indoors will need a bright spot and plenty of airflow to stay alive. Unfortunately, most succulents that […]

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Beheading Succulents- Why? How? When?

Many of you may wonder what on earth is beheading a succulent and why would someone want to commit such a crime against a perfectly good plant. Although it all sounds rather drastic, there are circumstances when chopping the top part off your succulent is not such a bad idea. The reasons for beheading a succulent […]

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How To Propagate Echeveria Romeo Rubin From Leaf

With its bright red, waxy rosette Echeveria Rubin is a very desirable succulent. This gorgeous plant usually produces solitary rosettes with zero to only a few pups, if you’re lucky. It is quite rare to get more than one or two pups from one plant. ‘Beheading’ the top of the rosette to try and encourage […]

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The Easiest Succulents To Propagate By Leaf & How To Guide

Succulent leaf propagation is both fun and rewarding. It is quite amazing that a whole new plant (or more!) can be grown from just one leaf. But there is a trick to succulent leaf propagation and some are easier than others. Some of the easiest succulents that will grow from a leaf and are suitable for […]

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Succulents after rain

How Cold Hardy Are Succulents?

Succulents are incredibly resilient plants and can tolerate conditions other plants struggle with. There is a wide range of temperatures succulents will thrive in, but some succulents are hardier than others. Because so many different plant genera and species fall under the term ‘succulent’, it is hard to categorically state the needs of all succulents, […]

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