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The Easiest Succulents To Propagate By Leaf & How To Guide

Succulent leaf propagation is both fun and rewarding. It is quite amazing that a whole new plant (or more!) can be grown from just one leaf. But there is a trick to succulent leaf propagation and some are easier than others. Some of the easiest succulents that will grow from a leaf and are suitable for […]

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Succulents after rain

How Cold Hardy Are Succulents?

Succulents are incredibly resilient plants and can tolerate conditions other plants struggle with. There is a wide range of temperatures succulents will thrive in, but some succulents are hardier than others. Because so many different plant genera and species fall under the term ‘succulent’, it is hard to categorically state the needs of all succulents, […]

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Outdoor succulents in pots

How Long Can Succulents Survive Without Water

Succulents have a fantastic ability to store water in their stems and leaves which will see them last without water longer than the majority of other plants. But how long is that, exactly? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer as factors like the type of succulent, seasons, temperature, pot size, the age of the plant, position […]

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How To Propagate Succulents By Offsets- Tips & Tricks From A Nursery

Succulent offsets aka chicks or pups are little mini-me of a plant. They usually grow at the base of a mother plant (sometimes from other parts too) and are referred to as chicks or pups because they start out by hiding under mum, just like baby animals would. A succulent grows offsets as a means […]

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How Long Can Succulents Survive In Little Or No Light

Despite succulents being hardy plants that can survive many situations other plants cannot, they have a weakness- the need for sunlight. Some succulents will grow and thrive without being in direct sun but, unfortunately, they are in the minority, and they will need bright, indirect light.Arrangements like these will survive in no or little light […]

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Mealybugs on Succulents & How To Treat Them

Mealybugs are every succulent grower’s nemesis and are pretty much inevitable when you grow succulents as mealybugs really love feeding on this group of plants. What makes mealies such a monumental pain in the backside is their ability to survive, hide from plain sight until the infestation becomes quite bad and spread quickly. In this […]

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10 Best Rare Hanging Succulents

Hanging or trailing succulents are a superb way to beautify your home or garden. The uses and crafts have endless possibilities. The shade lovers can be used on top of furniture, hung from the ceiling, planted in tall pots, in trees, hung from railings, planted in window boxes, wreath etc. etc. There are dozens if not […]

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Assorted Cacti

Can Cactus Survive Rain

We already have an article about succulents and rain with tips on how to keep succulents happy outside while it rains as well as listing species that we know do not like a lot of rain at all. While Cacti are also succulents and much in the article applies directly to this intriguing group of […]

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Assorted Haworthias

Top Reasons For Haworthia Turning From Green To Brown

Haworthia is a genus of succulent plants native to the southern parts of Africa. Haworthias are usually small rosette forming plants with fleshy leaves that are hard in some species and softer, with transculent window like tops in others. There is a great variety of plants within this genus. Haworthias are mostly green in colour and […]

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Echeveria Blue Bird Brown Spot

Brown Or Black Spots On Succulents- 5 Reasons Why

Although most succulents are hardy plants they are still prone to pests and diseases. Because of the large, water filled leaves and vibrant colours damage caused by various factors can become very noticeable. But what does cause brown or black marks/ spots on succulents? Unfortunately, there are many causes to brown/black spots on succulents. Pests such as […]

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