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Aeonium Kiwi

Aeonium Kiwi Brown Spots Explained- All You Need To Know

Aeonioum Kiwi/ Dream Colour is a hybrid succulent plant from the family Crasaulaceae. It is a very popular succulent due to its showy, tricolour leaves forming a pretty rosette. To find out why Aeonium Kiwi develops brown spots, skip to Position & Care.DescriptionAeonium KiwiAeonium Kiwi grows as a small sized shrub with the main stem branching […]

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Succulents in rain. Dunce Caps

Can Rain Kill Succulents?

Succulents mostly come from arid and dry regions that do not see rain very frequently. While it is true that some succulents are a bit touchy when it comes to being over-watered but we think that people tend to panic a bit too much when it comes to leaving succulents out in the rain. Rain can […]

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Succulent Cuttings

Can Succulents Die From Too Much Sun?

It can be quite hard to find the perfect growing spot for some succulents and the amount of conflicting advice does not help. While succulents have the reputation of being indestructible, the truth is that lots of these plants can be quite difficult to grow. The secret is to know the type of succulent, keep […]

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Sempervivum Tectorum Red Tips

Why Do Succulent Tips & Leaves Turn Red

Much of the appeal of succulents comes from the fantastic array of colours these plants can display. Some succulents turn one or multiple colours throughout the year and some can completely change their appearance in different conditions. The majority of succulents are a shade of green or green-blue but in certain circumstances either the whole […]

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Succulents in Garden Soil

Can Succulents Grow In Garden Soil?

With succulents gaining popularity more than ever before, there are a lot of questions floating around about how to care for them. Succulents have a reputation for being hardy and able to live in poor soils but as many of us know, there are lots of succulents out there that are a bit more sensitive […]

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Ceropegia Woodii

10 Best Indoor Hanging Succulents & How To Care For Them

Hanging succulents look fantastic inside a home, especially when they are placed on shelves hanging down furniture or planted in hanging basket hung from the ceiling. The trick is to select plants that will cope with being indoors in shade and lack of airflow as most succulents will only survive if they get a certain […]

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Eaten Succulent

The Animals That Love To Eat Succulent Leaves

Unfortunately there are a lot of pests and other animals out there that include succulents in their diet. Even if it is not their natural food, animals seem to like water filled, succulent leaves and drive succulent enthusiasts around the bend with all sorts of damage done to our precious plants. So what eats succulent […]

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Groundcover succulents

The Best and Most Hardy Groundcover Succulents

Groundcover succulents come in many fantastic shapes and colours and are mostly very hardy, easy to grow and fast spreading. They can help hide unsightly bits of the garden, retaining walls or make a colourful filler in between other plants.  There are many creative ways succulent groundcovers can be used. Some groundcover succulents are more […]

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Can Chickens Eat Succulents?

About the same time as when Fern Farm Plants was born 9 years ago, we got ourselves a flock of chickens, ducks, geese and 2 dogs. The property was on five acres with a large dam and it was a great life for all the animals we have had there. Chickens alone had half acre […]

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Can succulents cause cancer

Can Succulents Cause Cancer? Everything You Need To Know

In this day and age lots of things can help develop cancer but are succulents one of them?We often take our succulents to the local markets. Apart from earning money, it also gives us a great opportunity to talk to our customers. This blog has partially been started because we wanted to share our knowledge, […]

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