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How To Make A Succulent Terrarium That Will Survive Indoors

Can you guess what the problem is with the terrarium in our main picture? I’ll help you- it will never survive indoors for longer than a month. Terrariums are incredibly popular, but if I got a dollar for every person that have either emailed us or talked to us at our plant market stall about […]

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The Easiest Beginner Succulents For Indoors & Outdoors With Photos

There are thousands of easy succulents beginners can try growing but only a small number will also grow well indoors long term. Most succulents are sun lovers and need at least a few hours every day but luckily, there are shade-tolerant plants out there too. Easy Beginner Succulents For IndoorsHaworthia Fasciata (and other Haworthia)Sansevieria TrifasciataCeropegia WoodiiGasteria […]

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Senecio Crassimus propeller plant

The Best Tall Succulents For Outdoors

Succulents are becoming increasingly popular among gardeners as well as indoor plant enthusiast. Most succulents that are available for purchase are usually still quite small and the most sought after are in a rosette shape or low growing plants. So which ones grow nice and tall? And are there any succulents that can be planted […]

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succulent arrangement

Best Birthday, Christmas & Mothers Day Succulent Presents

The beauty of succulents as a present is that they are suitable for almost everyone. Succulents and cacti are cute, cheerful and, for the most part, easy to look after. They can beat a bunch of flowers as they can last for many years, if taken care of properly. There are, however, a few things […]

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Ceropegia Woodii

10 Best Indoor Hanging Succulents & How To Care For Them

Hanging succulents look fantastic inside a home, especially when they are placed on shelves hanging down furniture or planted in hanging basket hung from the ceiling. The trick is to select plants that will cope with being indoors in shade and lack of airflow as most succulents will only survive if they get a certain […]

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5 Ways To Make Your Succulents Grow Bigger – Tips & Tricks

There is a massive amount of different succulent plants out there and the number is growing every year thanks to cross breeding. Succulents can be quite different and while lots are very alike, not all succulents should be treated the same.  Some succulents stay quite small and grow slow, some are medium sized and some […]

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Can You Plant Succulents In Just Rocks? Here’s How To Get The Look

Succulents are generally easy to care for and will successfully grow in different growing mediums. There are, however, a few misconceptions about growing and taking care of succulents because of their reputation as hardy plants that cannot be killed. Many people like to grow succulents in pots and glass jars that look attractive and unusual […]

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ceropegia woodii

8 Indoor Succulents That Won’t Suffer In Low Light

Have you ever bought a gorgeous colourful succulent, brought it home, put it on your desk only to watch it loose colour, stretch or turn into mush? Succulents are beautiful & unusual plants that are hardy, don’t need to be watered often and grow just about anywhere, right? Wrong! The urge to put succulents indoors is […]

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Can Echeveria Grow Indoors & How To Care For Them

Echeveria is a popular genus of succulent plants that are prized their water filled leaves arranged in a rosette. A large number of people collect Echeverias and there is a lot of different species available thanks to crossbreeding within the genus and with other genera too. Some Echeverias are small growing, some can grow more […]

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