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Best Succulents For Full Sun (With Photos)

Succulents are hardy plants and the great majority need at least some exposure to direct sunlight to grow well. But not all succulents are created the same and while some can handle exposure to very hot sun, others can perish. Below is a list of super hardy succulents we grow at our nursery and have […]

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The Easiest Beginner Succulents For Indoors & Outdoors With Photos

There are thousands of easy succulents beginners can try growing but only a small number will also grow well indoors long term. Most succulents are sun lovers and need at least a few hours every day but luckily, there are shade-tolerant plants out there too. Easy Beginner Succulents For IndoorsHaworthia Fasciata (and other Haworthia)Sansevieria TrifasciataCeropegia WoodiiGasteria […]

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Top Fast Growing & Easy To Grow Echeveria

Echeveria is one of the most popular succulent genera due to the gorgeous rosette leaf arrangement. There is also a great variety- these beautiful plants in a range of colours, sizes, leave shapes and growing habits.In this article we are going to list our top fastest growing Echeverias that are also easy to grow Echeveria Prolifica Echeveria […]

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Senecio Crassimus propeller plant

The Best Tall Succulents For Outdoors

Succulents are becoming increasingly popular among gardeners as well as indoor plant enthusiast. Most succulents that are available for purchase are usually still quite small and the most sought after are in a rosette shape or low growing plants. So which ones grow nice and tall? And are there any succulents that can be planted […]

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Jelly Bean Succulents

Top 10 Fire Resistant & Drought Hardy Succulents

The climate is changing. Many countries are becoming warmer and drier. Fire prone areas are experiencing longer fire periods and the hot and dry conditions allow for fierce fires. Many things need to change so we can adapt and one of them is how we build our homes and what we plant around them. It is […]

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succulent arrangement

Best Birthday, Christmas & Mothers Day Succulent Presents

The beauty of succulents as a present is that they are suitable for almost everyone. Succulents and cacti are cute, cheerful and, for the most part, easy to look after. They can beat a bunch of flowers as they can last for many years, if taken care of properly. There are, however, a few things […]

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Echeveria Purple Pearl Succulent Potting Mix

The Best Potting Mix For Succulents, Cacti & How To Make Your Own

First of all I would like to start by saying that there is not one perfect mix for everyone which, as a succulent grower, I completely understand. Also different people may have different experience with the same product and so sometimes a bit of trial and error is needed to find the best potting mix […]

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Aeonium Castelo-Paivae Variegata ‘Suncup’- All You Need To Know

Aeonium Castelo-Paivae Variegata ‘Suncup is a succulent plant from the family Crasaulaceae. Suncup is a very cute variety that grows quite small and is perfect for containers.DescriptionAeonium Suncup grows as mini shrub with the main stem branching out and ending in a rosettes. Each rosette can measure up to about 8-10 cm, depending on conditions […]

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Succulents in rain. Dunce Caps

Can Rain Kill Succulents?

Succulents mostly come from arid and dry regions that do not see rain very frequently. While it is true that some succulents are a bit touchy when it comes to being over-watered but we think that people tend to panic a bit too much when it comes to leaving succulents out in the rain. Rain can […]

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Succulent Cuttings

Can Succulents Die From Too Much Sun?

It can be quite hard to find the perfect growing spot for some succulents and the amount of conflicting advice does not help. While succulents have the reputation of being indestructible, the truth is that lots of these plants can be quite difficult to grow. The secret is to know the type of succulent, keep […]

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