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Succulents in Garden Soil

Can Succulents Grow In Garden Soil?

With succulents gaining popularity more than ever before, there are a lot of questions floating around about how to care for them. Succulents have a reputation for being hardy and able to live in poor soils but as many of us know, there are lots of succulents out there that are a bit more sensitive […]

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Groundcover succulents

The Best and Most Hardy Groundcover Succulents

Groundcover succulents come in many fantastic shapes and colours and are mostly very hardy, easy to grow and fast spreading. They can help hide unsightly bits of the garden, retaining walls or make a colourful filler in between other plants.  There are many creative ways succulent groundcovers can be used. Some groundcover succulents are more […]

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5 Ways To Make Your Succulents Grow Bigger – Tips & Tricks

There is a massive amount of different succulent plants out there and the number is growing every year thanks to cross breeding. Succulents can be quite different and while lots are very alike, not all succulents should be treated the same.  Some succulents stay quite small and grow slow, some are medium sized and some […]

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Can You Plant Succulents In Just Rocks? Here’s How To Get The Look

Succulents are generally easy to care for and will successfully grow in different growing mediums. There are, however, a few misconceptions about growing and taking care of succulents because of their reputation as hardy plants that cannot be killed. Many people like to grow succulents in pots and glass jars that look attractive and unusual […]

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Aloe Hedgehog

The Best Large Outdoor Hardy Succulents That Are Easy To Buy

Succulent gardens are becoming increasingly popular around the world not only for their beauty but also due to hardiness of succulents themselves. They are often described as plants of the future as many parts of the world face increasing water uncertainty. It can be slightly daunting trying to select the right succulents for the garden as […]

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Can Succulents Be In Full Sun – What You Should Know

Succulents are becoming very popular landscaping plants due to their resilience and the ability to survive in poor soil without much water. But there is a lot of confusion about how much sun they need/ can withstand. So can succulents be in full sun? The majority of succulents can and should be grown in full sun, […]

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8 Quick Steps to Propagating Succulents

Here at the nursery, we propagate succulents on a daily basis, even in winter thanks to the mild Australian weather. We grow and propagate all our plants and have a few tips to share. Propagating succulents is generally very easy and anyone, even a novice or a ‘black thumb’ can propagate succulents successfully. There are […]

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