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Echeveria Ebony Care & Propagation

Echeveria Ebony is a popular Agavoides cultivar with pointy edges. It is a great collectable succulent that will reward you with a fantastic display of colour in the cooler months or when the plant is stressed.  Ebony can be quite expensive as it is not one of those succulents that grow fast or spread prolifically. Below […]

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How To Grow & Propagate Echeveria Romeo

Echeveria Romeo is one of those ‘unicorn’ succulents people just have to have. And it is no wonder as it is one of the most beautiful Echeverias out there.  Romeo can also be quite hard to get and expensive (less so now than it was a couple of years back) and so it is no […]

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How To Propagate Echeveria Romeo Rubin From Leaf

With its bright red, waxy rosette Echeveria Rubin is a very desirable succulent. This gorgeous plant usually produces solitary rosettes with zero to only a few pups, if you’re lucky. It is quite rare to get more than one or two pups from one plant. ‘Beheading’ the top of the rosette to try and encourage […]

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Xerosicyos Danguyi

How to Grow & Propagate Xerosicyos Danguyi Successfully

Xerosicyos Danguyi/ Silver Dollar Vine, String of Nickels/ String of Coins is a very popular, but quite a rare succulent with coin shaped leaves. While it is fairly hardy there are a few tricks to keeping it happy and propagating. In this article we will look at how to successfully grow Xerosicyos Danguyi.DescriptionXerosicyos Danguyi is native […]

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Echeveria Topsy Turvy Dying? The Top 4 reasons & Fixes

Echeveria Runyonii ‘Topsy Turvy’ is an intriguing succulent with warped leaves that curl inwards and then up. It is also quite a hardy plant if you follow a few rules.The main reasons Echeveria Topsy Turvy may start dying are: 1. Growing Indoors 2. Too Much Sun Exposure During Severe Heatwaves 3. Not Enough Water 4. Being Root-bound In this article, […]

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Ceropegia Woodii ‘String of Hearts’ Problems & How To Fix Them

String of Hearts or Chain of Hearts can be a costly plant and difficult to come by. It is, therefore, understandable new plant parents are a little overprotective and cautious once they get their hands on this beautiful succulent.Although Ceropegia Woodii and its variegated cousin are usually fairly easy to look after, there are a […]

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Echeveria Lola Leaf Propagation & Care- All You Need To Know

The name perfectly suits this succulent which is petite and beautiful. Echeveria Lola is very popular among succulent enthusiast and worthwhile addition to any succulent collection. It, however, does have a few quirks and may not be suitable for a succulent newbie due to a few special needs. But when it comes to propagating, Lola […]

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Echeveria Violet Queen Care- All You Need To Know

Echeveria Violet Queen is a favourite among succulent growers because of its gorgeous rosette that looks like a lotus flower. It is also a fantastic hybrid as it is very hardy and perfect for the succulent newbies.DescriptionEcheveria Violet Queen is an evergreen perennial succulent forming clumps of rosette shaped heads. The mother plant will grow […]

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Sedum Rubrotinctum Red Jelly Beans

Sedum Rubrotinctum ‘Jelly Beans’ Losing Leaves- All You Need To Know

Sedum Rubrotinctum aka Jelly Beans or Pork & Beans is a pretty ground cover succulent with thick cylindrical leaves that are mostly green but can turn red during the cooler months or when the plant is stressed. Although,  this succulent is very hardy problems can be encountered. One of the most common problems with Sedum […]

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Common Echeveria Black Prince Problems & How To Fix Them

The dark chocolate colour and chubby leaves arranged just like a flower make Echeveria Black Prince a very desirable succulent. While succulents have a reputation for being easy to look after, and this is usually true, some are a little more difficult and need just that bit of extra TLC to stay beautiful. Echeveria Black […]

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