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Ceropegia Woodii ‘String of Hearts’ Problems & How To Fix Them

String of Hearts or Chain of Hearts can be a costly plant and difficult to come by. It is, therefore, understandable new plant parents are a little overprotective and cautious once they get their hands on this beautiful succulent.Although Ceropegia Woodii and its variegated cousin are usually fairly easy to look after, there are a […]

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Ceropegia Woodii

Ceropegia Woodii ‘Chain of Hearts’ Leaf & Seed Propagation- A How To Guide

The variegated version of Ceropegia Woodii is THE most popular plant in our online shop and a healthy stockpile can sell out within days. It is one of a very few plants that we just can’t grow enough of. Because of its popularity, Ceropegia Woodii can fetch eye-watering price tags and so it is no wonder […]

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