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echeveria cubic frost top view

Echeveria Cubic Frost Care & Propagation

Echeveria Cubic Frost is a fantastic hybrid that is both beautiful and hardy. The colour of this succulent ranges from grey blue to purple and can change throughout the year. I have grown thousands of Echeveria Cubic Frost in my nursery and will share my care tips for this wonderful plant below. DescriptionEcheveria Cubic Frost is […]

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echeveria blue metal4

Echeveria Blue Metal Propagation & Care

Echeveria Blue Metal is a beautiful and fast growing Echeveria hybrid of unknown parentage. It is an absolute stand out in any collection or garden thanks to its stunning colours. While Echeveria Blue Metal is quite an easy plat to grow there are a few things to know about this succulent. The information below is based […]

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echeveria Imbricata

Echeveria Imbricata Care & Propagation

Echeveria Imbricata or Echeveria Blue Rose is a popular and very old hybrid created in France in the late 1800’s. The Echeverias said to have been used to create Imbricata were Echeveria Glauca and Echeveria Metallica, though these may not be the Glauca and Metallica we know today. An interesting fact about Echeveria Imbricata is […]

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Echeveria Bloody Maria

Echeveria Bloody Maria Care & Propagation

Echeveria Bloody Maria is a fabulously coloured Agavoides hybrid which been created in South Korea, though the parentage is unknown. While this plant is quite hardy there are a few tricks to keep it looking its absolute best. The information below is based on growing thousands of Bloody Marias at our nursery Fern Farm Plants.DescriptionEcheveria […]

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Echeveria Melaco1

Echeveria Melaco Care & Propagation

Echeveria Melaco is a beautiful cultivar of unknown parentage. This striking succulents is quite easy to grow and a real standout in the garden or arrangements. Below I will cover all there is to know about Echeveria Melaco including growing tips and propagation.DescriptionEcheveria Melaco is a stunning succulent with a rosette type arrangement of leaves. […]

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Echeveria Serrana

Echeveria Serrana Care & Propagation

Echeveria Serrana is an exciting hybrid of unknown parentage. This striking plant is quite easy to grow if you know what to look out for. Below I will cover all there is to know about Echeveria Serrana including growing tips and propagation. The advice is based on years of experience of growing Echeveria Serrana in […]

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echeveria chihuahuensis

Echeveria Chihuahuensis Care Tips

This fantastic species of Echeveria is a native of Mexico and a must have for any succulent enthusiast.DescriptionEcheveria Chihuahuensis is a hardy and beautifully coloured evergreen succulent with a rosette type arrangement of leaves. The colour is usually blue-gray, but can change throughout the year. The tips of the leaves are pink and when the […]

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Echeveria Vincent Catto Care & Propagation Tips

Echeveria Vincent Catto is often confused with Echeveria Minima and Echeveria Globulosa (they are believed to be different species and Vincent Catto is not a cultivar or a hybrid of either of these), though the true origins of this plant are rather confusing. When researching this plant, the information available seems to suggest that Echeveria […]

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Is Echeveria Poisonous?

Echeveria is one of the most popular succulent genera out there due to the attractive rosettes they create and fantastic colours. But with so many plants being poisonous it is only natural people get concerned with what they put in their garden, especially if the kids and/or pets like to help out with the gardening. […]

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Echeveria Prolifica Care & Propagation Tips

Echeveria Prolifica features heavily in a lot of our articles as it is a superbly easy and, well, prolific succulent. Below we will cover all there is to know about Echeveria Prolifica, how to care for and propagate it.DescriptionEcheveria Prolifica is a small growing succulent with leaves arranged in a rosette shape. Individual rosettes grow […]

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