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Sedum Rubrotinctum Red Jelly Beans &Graptoveria Fred Ives

Sedum Rubrotinctum ‘Jelly Beans’ Losing Leaves- All You Need To Know

Sedum Rubrotinctum aka Jelly Beans or Pork & Beans is a pretty ground cover succulent with thick cylindrical leaves that are mostly green but can turn red during the cooler months or when the plant is stressed. Although,  this succulent is very hardy problems can be encountered. One of the most common problems with Sedum […]

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Common Echeveria Black Prince Problems & How To Fix Them

The dark chocolate colour and chubby leaves arranged just like a flower make Echeveria Black Prince a very desirable succulent. While succulents have a reputation for being easy to look after, and this is usually true, some are a little more difficult and need just that bit of extra TLC to stay beautiful. Echeveria Black […]

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Why Is Graptoveria Opalina Growing Leggy And How To Fix It

The chunky, pastel-coloured leaves in a rosette arrangement make Graptoveria Opalina a popular plant. Not only is it beautiful but also quite easy to grow, if you can keep the mealybugs out and provide enough sun. Some, however, have an issue with this plant growing leggy / stretchy / tall, where the leaves are bigger and […]

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Echeveria Colorata Mexican Giant Care & Propagation- All You Need To Know

Echeveria Mexican Giant can only be described as a stunner. This large growing cultivar can indeed grow giant in comparison to most echeverias. As the name suggests, the Mexican Giant comes from Mexico though it is unclear if this plant is a man-made hybrid or if it’s endemic to Mexico. Let’s have a closer look […]

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How To Care For Echeveria Agavoides Romeo Rubin – All You Need To Know

Echeveria Rubin has a real WOW factor to it. The colour and shape of this succulent are hard to beat and in our experience this plant is not that hard to look after. Let’s have a closer look at this popular new hybrid and how to care for it.DescriptionEcheveria Rubin is a medium growing Agavoides […]

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Senecio Rowleyanus

Can String of Pearls Be Propagated From Seed or Leaf- All You Need To Know

Senecio Rowleyanus aka String of Pearls/ String of Beads/ Pearl Necklace is a popular, evergreen hanging, trailing succulent with small, ball shaped leaves on strings that can grow a few meters long with every strand containing dozens, even hundreds of leaves if very long. It is an ideal hanging plant and because of its attractive […]

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Euphorbia Flanaganii Medusa’s Head Turning Yellow & What To Do About It- All You Need To Know

The weird and wonderful world of succulents never ceases to amaze. Would you think it possible a plant that looks like it has serpents growing out of it exists? Well, if you’re like us and love the strange succulents you’re in luck because such a plant does indeed cohabit with us on this earth. Euphorbia […]

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Peperomia Graveolens

Peperomia Graveolens Care & Propagation

Peperomia Graveolens ‘Ruby Glow’ is a gorgeous succulents plant with bright red outside leaves and stems and green top part of the leaf. This stunning colour mix makes it a very desirable plant. DescriptionThe thick ruby red stem and red and green chunky leaves of this succulent plant are waxy and bright. Peperomia Graveolens originates in […]

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Fenestraria Rhophalophylla

Fenestraria Rhophalophylla Baby Toes Cracking- All You Need To Know

Fenestraria Rhophalophylla ‘Baby Toes’ is currently the only species in the genus Fenestraria. This plant is native to Namibia but distributed all over the world as its popularity grows among succulents enthusiasts. There is possibly another species which has yellow flowers (Rhophalophylla has white) that is currently being reviewed to see whether it’s a new […]

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Cotyledon Tomentosa Bear's Paw

Can Cotyledon Tomentosa ‘Bears Paw’ Propagate From Leaf- All You Need To Know

Cotyledon Tomentosa is an evergreen succulent plant in the Cotyledon Genus. It is a very popular plant due to its chubby leaves and brown tips that resemble a Bear’s Paw. To find out if this plant can be propagated by leaf go to Propagation. DescriptionThe Bear’s Paw Cotyledon grows as a small sized shrub with the […]

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